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When choosing a place to stay in Italy, you will probably want to restore strength and energy, improve well-being, and truly relax. For such purposes, the best place is the resort town of Fiuggi.

It is located in the foothills of the Apennines at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. It is 70 km from Rome, which allows tourists to seamlessly combine these two cities on their vacation. Fiuggi is divided into two parts: the lower city (New Fiuggi, Fiuggi Fonte, Fiuggi Terme) and the upper city (Old Fiuggi, Fiuggi Città). Each of them is attractive in its own way.

There is the majority of thermal springs and hotels at the bottom of Fiuggi, where you can spend time calmly and measuredly. The most famous New Fuji hydropathic centers are Anticolana and Boniface VIII. In the upper part of the city you will see sights of incredible beauty. For example, the palaces of Falconi (1800) and Della Fonte (1913), the city theater, the cast-iron fountain on the Piazza Piave (1907), as well as architectural monuments made in the Gothic style. Every corner of Fiuggi seems to be filled with sophistication and alluring atmosphere.