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In the Castelli Romani area on the Albanian hills lies the cozy distinctive Italian city of Frascati. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come here every year to taste the magnificent and exquisite white wine and see the suburban residences of the black (papal) nobility of the 16th – 17th centuries.
Earlier, a few kilometers from the current city there was a big city with a citadel, developed infrastructure and its community — Tusculum. Now there are only excavated podiums and the ruins of amphitheaters left. In the 12th century, by order of Celestine 3, the ancient city was destroyed, and the inhabitants had no choice but to establish another settlement. And so Frascati appeared.
Among all the attractions, Villa Aldobrandini stands out. It can already be seen from the station. A cozy atmosphere, chic gardens and a water theater — all this awaits you in the area of the villa, which has now become private property. Many villas in Frascati have been preserved in their original form, but are now used for other purposes. For example, Villa Rufinella was converted into a luxury hotel, and Villa Falconieri is nowadays better known as the European Educational Center.
Of course, we cannot but mention the Aldobrandini Museum, in which exhibits combine both modernity and the Middle Ages. Another museum worthy of your attention is the Ethiopian Museum in the Capuchin Monastery.
In addition to villas and museums, Frascati is famous for its religious buildings. Be sure to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the facade of which is trimmed with brown marble. The interior of the cathedral is striking: elaborately executed frescoes are everywhere, a bronze cross at the entrance, a crucifix made of wood and much more.
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