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After enjoying the beauties of Fiuggi and having a rest in the thermal springs, go to Tivoli. This is a small cozy town located on the slope of the Sabine Mountains. It is ideal for those tourists who want to escape from noisy modernity at least a day and wander through the narrow medieval streets to the sound of bells and noisy chatter of housewives. In Tivoli, there is a combination of everything that attracts us to Italy so much. There are endlessly beautiful landscapes, art monuments, and a combination of distant Antiquity and the mesmerizing Middle Ages.

In addition, Tivoli is world famous for its luxurious villas. One of them is the famous Villa d’Este, which was used as an architectural model in the construction of Versailles. The beauty of the villa itself, the garden with figured bushes and fountains will not leave anyone indifferent.

Villa Adriana, unfortunately, has not been preserved in its original form. But one can easily determine the majesty and luxury of its architectural style by its ruins. At one time, it belonged to the Roman emperor Hadrian, in whose honor it was named.

And one of the many villas in Tivoli is Villa Gregoriana. It must be seen firsthand, because it is impossible to describe with the words of all the languages of the world those riches that are stored on its territory. Waterfalls, caves, ancient temples, grottoes — this is an incomplete list of what awaits you at the Gregorian’s villa.

In addition to the villas, we recommend paying attention to the religious buildings of Tivoli. The Temple of Santa Maria Maggiore was erected in the 12th century. Its facade and interior are truly mesmerizing. There is the altar of the master of Galvani inside. The church of St. Sylvester awaits you with skillfully executed frescoes preserved from the XII century, a triumphal arch and much more.

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